Project Resources & Recruitment for Digital and Technology Projects

Temp or Perm Project Resources for Digital and Technology Projects

With such long successful careers and an extensive network of IT professionals, Collision Digital have expanded into placement of staff and resources. We are a boutique group that only takes on exceptional talent that we know through our connections and will strive for excellence, and projects that we know we can make a huge success and our margins are quite small in comparison to the rest of the industry.

We can place staff into your organisation on a contract basis, or on a permanent one depending on your needs.  We only place contacts that we have in our network, which is a key point of difference and we believe that includes putting our own reputation behind them.

Staff can be engaged to work off site or come onsite to be a part of the business giving you all the flexibility you need.

Project Managers

Finding the right project resource can be such a challenge in today’s enterprise environment and securing the right quality talent is becoming crucial to success. We have a range of project managers with experience across digital, technology, infrastructure, websites and progressive web applications from initial concepts through to project development and execution.

We can assist with Permanent Recruitment or Contract Recruitment both with realistic budgets to suit your needs.  Our project managers are highly skilled in many project disciplines from Agile, SAFe and Waterfall and are positioned to commence projects from initiation and business case preparation through to project remediation and getting a program back on track.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts

We have some of the best business analysts in the industry who have been pivotal in many high profile projects.  Accepting only the best to represent our business on your projects, or to refer them to you as we believe that this is an essential ingredient to our reputations.

Business analysts from junior analysts, technical writers, process analysts and senior business analysts can be crucial to the success of your project. Having seen many project failures, often the lack of good, experienced business analysts can change the project into a successful one.

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