Digital Analytics

Understanding Data is the key to success

Building your digital and technology capability is not all about programming, development and user experience. In fact, it is nothing if there are no results to speak of. Additionally, how do you know if the results are adding value to your organisation? Of course the bottom line, cash in the door and sales are the true kings of your analytics but developing your analytics capability is so much more than the sales at the end.

Good digital and technology enterprises embed analytics into almost every facet of their business in order to understand each part.  Digital analytics provide organisations with new and innovative approach to data analytics and help them utilise innovation and new opportunities which in turn, results in improved efficiencies, increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction.  In simple terms, its the data that can be used to iterate your digital experiences into higher performing applications that deliver great services and products to your customers.  Making changes to your online experiences should be measurable and enable greater optimisation of the experience to improve the conversion even further.

From customer experiences on your website, including traffic and the parts of the site that people are visiting.

We can provide these services on a number of levels with flexibility to adjust each to suit your business and budget:

  • Needs analysis to understand what aspects of your business you are looking to measure and report on.
  • Application review and recommendation of the appropriate tools to achieve that goal, including budget reviews and if necessary, negotiation with vendors and tender management.
  • Implementation, which can be direct implementation or project management to implement the tools into your business, website and applications.
  • Data analysis, which can include setting up reporting, gathering the key data and the development of insights into the new information that your business is being presented.
  • Recommendations on the next steps for your business which are derived from the reports that are being presented.

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